Biology Bonanza- Day 2!


Jayna and Hannah setting up pitfall traps

The start of the day was very gloomy because it was raining. While it was raining we planned for next weeks camp. Then we made pit fall traps, it was still raining so we only did a few. Pit fall traps are what we used to capture insects. First you dig two holes in the ground, then you put little dixie cups in the holes and put rubbing alcohol in the cups, that way it will preserve the bodies.


A completed pitfall trap.

Fruticose and Foliose Lichens!

After we did the pit fall traps we went looking for tardigrades, or water bears in lichens. When we found a lot of lichens, we put them in a collecting tray to sort out the tardigrades. We will look at them under the microscope tomorrow.


Our Lichen Tray!

After that we set up the microscope, we looked at a couple of different thing such as hairs, feathers, and lichens. 


Exploring with the microscope

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