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Fun activities we have participated in…

Bass Fishing Fish Life cycle

Bass Fishing Fish for Largemouth Bass In All 50 States.

via Bass Fishing Fish Life cycle.


Lake Waccamaw

The beautiful view from Lake Waccamaw state park today!


“The Climb to Katadhin”

Documentary Viewing and Discussion – “The Climb to Katadhin” – Sierra Club Central Piedmont Group (Charlotte) (Charlotte, NC) – Meetup.

GeoChallenges | GPS Mobile Smartphone Apps | PRX | Pocket Ranger.

▶ All the Salamanders #SmokiesCool – YouTube



Lake Wylie & Vulture Show

Apologies for the shoddy camera work, my usual cinematographer was in school. Watched the Black Vulture show consisting of sunning, bathing, roof sitting and take off was amazing!

A great day fishing and wildlife watching!  There was a group of over 65 + Black Vultures, 7 Great Blue Herons, A random Gold Finch, A Bald Eagle, Osprey 4+, Canadian Geese, Turtles 20+, Egrets 3+, Kingfisher, and a lot of schooling shad.  It was a beautiful day perfect weather.


Most beautiful fisherman ever. Granny K loves u!

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Mt. Pisgah National Forest


The long, rocky hike was definitely worth it 🙂

Check this game!