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E-Corps needs help!

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Thanks everyone needs guidance and we are very grateful for yours.

Upcycling Crafts



Bigfoot | Leave No Trace


Bigfoot or our NC Boojum

Bigfoot | Leave No Trace.

Check out great Bigfoot gear!

Large Flock visits downtown Charlotte

Discover Life


Discover Life.

C&NN’S NATURAL LEADERS: Legacy Camp 2013 a Success — Naturally! : The New Nature Movement.

▶ Karan’s toes in the Atlantic on Saturday. – YouTube

via ▶ Karan's toes in the Atlantic on Saturday. – YouTube.

Project Scientist | Indiegogo

Click the photo to learn about Project Scientist!

Project Scientist | Indiegogo.

Ms. Karan & Mr. Bill were very proud to be a part of the great minds of these future scientists!