Veterans @ mission to use experiences in nature to renew, replenish, and restore ourselves.

Our Veteran units will include:  Try us out! Sign up for one of our events

FOR Veterans ONLY!

E-Corps Expeditions ReCon team, consisting of veterans & our crew, whose mission is to scout and discover different outdoor recreation facilities. They will provide reports for the Expeditionary Forces, all the while making sure the experience is full of outdoor fun.

E-Corps Expeditionary Forces are Veterans who will mentor and instill honor, courage and commitment into the (Youth) Airborne & Calvary. These great men and women will pass on all things that a veteran consists of such as: patriot, citizenship, courage, self-esteem and more.


Vet Out! 11/11 1300-1700 = Our afternoon of Honor for veterans @ Carolina Raptor Center VETOut 2014

Our expeditions start October 1! Check out our event calendar!

More information

As a veteran I miss the sense of purpose and bond that you have with fellow service members. As a wife of a disabled veteran (retired Navy Chief Petty Officer) I have seen first hand the struggles to overcome the challenges of both physical & mental injuries. We as veterans are a force to be reckoned with and I believe we still have a mission.

We are Navy vets, but I have a; step-son in the Army, baby brother Army vet, sister-in-law Navy Vet, big brother Navy Vet, a retired Air Force Uncle, retired Marine Corps Uncle, cousin Army vet, even a family friend that was a Coast Guard.

Help us help others!

Karan Barber, US Navy HM1 Veteran Karan Ecorps Biz Card


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